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About the Company

All over the United States, men and women, businesses, and charitable organizations are discovering the value of ACTS Cause Marketing and Revenue Sharing Program. Emerging as the innovative leader for creating charity support, ACTS offers a unique method to merge social values with corporate and brand marketing.

As a global sales and marketing company, we are in business to help faith-based, non-profit and charitable organizations acquire the funds necessary to sustain their operations through effective and innovative cause marketing programs.

We connect, educate and strengthen communities by uniting individuals, businesses and charities in necessary and profitable partnerships utilizing market-leading technologies that not only engage consumers, but provide opportunities to make giving a daily part of their lives.

ACTS is a global cause marketing company that represents a variety of products and service providers in various industries. What is unprecedented about ACTS is that it has taken the initiative to create a perpetual support system to help finance non-profit and charitable organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

In other words, ACTS takes millions of the dollars available within various industries and re-distributes these proceeds to the organizations that need them the most… faith-based, non-profit, and charitable organizations.

ACTS is unique from other companies who support charities. Partnership between business interests and charities is not a new idea, but never before has a concept enabled a company to promise so much support in an ongoing manner.

It's About Your Cause

Our goal is to empower the consumer and give them the choice to financially support their favorite cause ... the passion of their heart. With a vast array of competitively priced, quality products and services to choose from, ACTS makes it easy to support the customer's charity ... at no additional cost to them.

ACTS' strong desire to empower consumers to support their favorite cause is evidenced by adding the element of "choice" when purchasing products and services. For the many consumers who are socially conscious, ACTS gives them the ability to put their passion into action. Instead of ACTS pre-determining which charities receive financial benefits from product and service sales, we encourage our customers to select their favorite cause ... the organizations that mean the most to them…as the recipient and benefactor of these funds.

Whether grassroots, local, national or international in reach, our commitment to the consumer's choice in supporting charitable and non-profit organizations reflects the strong belief within ACTS, that the evolving desire of consumer must be met to be successful in today's market.

Support Your Cause

By purchasing products and services from our Mall Partners, you can support your favorite cause. It's true...34% of the proceeds received by ACTS from every purchase you make goes to the charity or non-profit of YOUR choice.

Empowering Personal Choice

ACTS Charity Mall - A Virtual Online Shopping Experience Devoted to Creating Financial Support for Non-profits and Charitable Organizations


ACTS Emerald Mall - A Premier Green Technologies Superstore Featuring the Latest Earth-Friendly Products and Services for your Home or Business

Live Your Life Well ... Help Others

Doing good can make you feel good. It might remind you that you're relatively fortunate; make you feel connected to others; help you feel needed; take your mind off your own worries; make you feel generous; add a sense of purpose and meaning to your life.


Make a choice to make a difference - Help Us Help Others through ACTS Cause Marketing and Revenue Sharing Program

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